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It's Christmas Time In The City
By: Mary Nancy Smith
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My Christmas Wish for You,
May you get lots of cards from your friends,
And bunches of real nice presents.

But most of all...
May you always get all the things you want
and want all the things you get!

At Christmastime, I like to stop and count my blessings,

because it gives me one more reason to stop and think
about friends like you!
Merry Christmas...

For My Big Sister...
It's Nice to Have A Sister Like You, Loretta

Thinking of the times we've shared,
the fun we've had,
the special things we've done together.
Thinking how very much it means to have
a wonderful sister like you.
Wishing You a Very Merry Christmas
Love As Always, Mary Nancy

For My Family and Friends...
Season's Greetings, Friends are like family at the
holidays, For in the bonds of friendship we find, A place
as warm and comfortable as home is,
That draws us close in heart and mind.

And so, it's with a family kind of feeling, That you are wished
a lasting cheer, As once again the holidays remind us We're all one
family at this time of year.
Wishing You a Wonderful Season
Love, Mary

For My 3 Daughters
Beverly, Connie, and Marianne...
At the holidays, remember girls:
Most men are like Christmas trees.

Warped, messy, dense, unstable, need too much attention,
and sooner or later you end up throwing them out.
Love As Always, Mom

It's not the trees or tinsel that make the
season special, it's gentle friends like you who
bring a certain sparkle to the holidays.

For in the warmth of your bright spirit,
the magic of Christmas is something real and true!

Close Friends Are Like Family...
To All My Wonderful Friends In Florida...
Joe A., Sue and Jeff, Sherry and Jeff,
Dale W., Chris C., Mat N., Marv D.,
Dawn W., Vickie, Lynda and Maria,
and many more...
We've shared such happy times,
The happy times a family shares are the
dearest memories of all.

Remembering all the holidays our family has shared. . .
and wishing you those same happy feelings that
always made Christmas so special.
Love, Mary

For My 3 Sons
Danny, Jesse, and Kenny...
Boys, I saw the perfect gift for you at the mall...

But the security camera was on. Hehehe!
Merry Christmas, Anyway
Love As Always, Mom

For You, Jay (my hubby) You're Wonderful!

I'm glad it's Christmas, because even though I may not say I love you
often enough, special days like this remind me of just how fortunate I
am to have your love and you. Merry Christmas
Love As Always, Nanc'

To My Hubby of 33 Years, Jay,
At Christmastime, I'm looking back on all the
little things that made me fall in love with you. I remember the way
your smile could melt my heart, and how easily I could lose myself in
a kiss or find myself in your touch.

I remember all the little things that made me fall in love with you
then, because they're the same things that keep me falling deeper and
deeper in love with you now.Merry Christmas to the one I love more and
more each day.
Love As Alaways, Nanc'

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